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APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc’s. Rooster Essentials Signs Exclusive U.S. Distribution Agreement with Anti-Aging LED Skincare Brand Kandyway

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San Francisco, CA – February 24, 2023 – APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: ALDS) (“APPlife”, the Company”), a business incubator and portfolio manager that invests in and creates e- commerce and cloud-based solutions is pleased to announced today that it’s ecommerce grooming products platform, ROOSTER ESSENTIALS has signed an exclusive, online US territory reseller agreement with GROUPE KANDY INC, a Canadian anti-aging, LED skincare company whose clinical grade device helps reverse the signs of aging. The revolutionary Kandyway Eternal Glow Therapy Mask will be available for purchase at the Rooster Essentials ecommerce shop in a couple of weeks.

As we get older, collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid break down, which causes our skin to wrinkle, thin out, and look like it has an uneven texture. In addition, pigmentation and age spots often occur due to too much exposure to UV rays from the sun. The results of these changes are a dull complexion with fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

“The demand for anti-aging products and devices is increasing and is reflective of a more positive attitude towards the aging process, with people wanting to look and feel their best for longer. The benefits, effectiveness, and ease of use make this a very desirable therapy for a large and growing market. We are excited to work with a brand like Kandyway that focuses on quality products and building a strong community of users. Equally important for Rooster Essentials is adding a higher price point product to our line-up that will increase revenue,” stated Matthew Reid, CEO of APPlife.

The Kandyway device, is an FDA-cleared red light therapy mask for home use that uses low-level wavelengths of non-invasive light to improve the appearance of the skin and promote healing. The mask uses red light plus near-infrared light which can help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, redness, and reduce the color in spots and freckles. This combination of lights also helps improve the overall skin tone.

Iannique Renaud, Founder and President of Groupe Kandy Inc stated: “Kandyway is thrilled to announce our partnership with Rooster Essentials to distribute our FDA-cleared and Health Canada authorized Kandyway Eternal Glow MD LED mask in the United States. This collaboration will allow us to bring the benefits of our innovative skincare technology to a wider audience, and we are confident that Rooster Essential’s expertise in distribution and marketing will help us achieve great success in this venture. We look forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership.”

The Kandyway mask consists of 132 LED lights and 66 bulbs for industry-leading coverage and is clinically proven to be the most effective combination for anti-aging benefits. In addition to being manufactured in an FDA and MDSAP audited facility, the Kandyway mask therapy takes only ten minutes, is non-invasive, painless, UV and chemical free, comfortable and 100% safe for your eyes.

According to a recent report by research firm Market Data Forecast, the growing focus on skin and beauty by both men and women is one of the major factors propelling the anti-aging market in the North America region. Nearly 60% of people in the U.S. are using anti-aging products. The NA market was worth over $17.0 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $22.47 billion by 2027.


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