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APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. Focuses On Exploring Global Merger and Acquisition Opportunities

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San Francisco, CA – November 30, 2022 – APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: ALDS) (“APPlife”, the Company”), a business incubator and portfolio manager that invests in and creates e- commerce and cloud-based solutions announced today that it is fully committed to diversifying its business model and growing revenue through focused and deliberate merger and acquisition activity.

“We have dedicated the better part of 2022 to finding potential M&A targets. The e-commerce and cloud-based businesses in our scope of possible targets covers a broad range of opportunities. We have been narrowing down potential candidates and continue to engage in meaningful dialogue with the decision makers on more than one potential transaction,” stated Matthew Reid, CEO of APPLife.

“After almost five years as a fully-reporting entity on the OTCQB platform, we feel confident in our team, the value of our top-level Board of Directors and strength in our foundation to judiciously seek sensible opportunities to grow, with the anticipation of an uplisting to a national exchange,” added Reid.

“As far as location, the door is wide open, we’re seeking targets in China, the APAC region, North and South America, the EU, and Africa. We are actively talking deal structure with various CEO’s and founders, and these discussions have confirmed the value we hold as a partner for global companies looking to explore the U.S. public markets,” said Reid.

Although targeting opportunities from around the world, APPLife is also in the uncommon position of a U.S. public company having a Wholly Foreign-Owned Entity (WFOE) in Mainland China which will streamline any acquisitions in Mainland China, an impressive size ecommerce market.


APPlife Digital Solutions Inc., with offices in San Francisco CA. and Shanghai China, is a business incubator and portfolio manager that creates and invests in e-commerce and cloud-based solutions. The Company invests in and creates solutions for work, home life, recreation and research that makes users more productive and more efficient, whether at work, home or traveling the world. APPlife’s cloud-based businesses are designed to provide easy-to-use life solutions, often to address everyday issues and needs. They include a wide array of topics and needed services to cover the full marketplace across the spectrum. For more information visit

Current APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. e-commerce solutions:

Rooster Essentials – The most comprehensive eCommerce grooming shop for men. Bringing over two hundred daily essentials from more than eighty brands to your doorstep.

B2BCHX – Background check a Chinese company. Easy due diligence. Prevent fraud or scams. OfficeHop – A global sharing model platform for short-term rentals of office and meeting rooms

has completed beta testing and will launch the commercial live marketplace in Q2 of 2022.

Lollipop NFT – Under construction and scheduled to launch in Q3 2022. A unique NFT platform that includes an integrated wallet, marketplace and minting capabilities scaled for the mass- market user. Lollipop will provide users with an ultra-secure place to create, sell and store NFTs that are both entertaining and those for practical use.

Global Hemp Services – APPlife is the lead investor in this eCommerce platform that offers hemp related products such as hemp building materials, insulation, personal use items and carbon credits.

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Tel: (585) 232-5440
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